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Stamp Duty Refund in Thane

What is Stamp Duty and when is it applicable?

Stamp Duty refers to a tax levied on various occasions such as: -

• Transfer of Property
• Leasing of property
• Land deeds
• Stock and share transfers
… and more.

In basic terms, a Stamp Duty is a tax levied by a state government through an agreement between the two (or more) parties involved in the transaction.

Some terms of a stamp duty are follows: -

• It varies based upon the gender of the person registering the deed of transfer under their name.
• Section 80C allows individuals with a filed stamp duty to claim deduction against the stamp duty payment

How much does Stamp Duty cost?

There are various ways to calculate stamp duty costs. While for some purposes it is a standard amount, for others it varies based on a percentage amount for the type of deed and the amount transferred.

It also varies from state to state. A specific calculation of a stamp duty can be made only through either law experts and advocates or an agency/consultancy.

Stamp Duty Refund is also a variable amount basis these factors and the terms of the agreement initially made.

Which cases qualify for a Stamp Duty Refund in Thane?

Whenever land deeds, or any property deals happen between two parties, a stamp duty is required. Similarly, whenever such deals end up being either withdrawn, cancelled, or postponed indefinitely, a stamp duty refund can be claimed. This applies for all state governments in India, including Thane, Maharashtra.

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How do I apply for a Stamp Duty Refund in Thane?

Applying for a stamp duty refund in Thane is now simpler with Payal Enterprises to guide you through it all.

With us, you get the otherwise long procedure for a stamp duty refund in Thane, streamlined into 3 simple steps.

1. Reach out to Us - via Mail or the Registration link on our website. Or connect over a call.

Here are our contact details.
Mail: sagarpayal2918@gmail.com
Contact Helpline Number: 99873 39774 / 98199 58804.

• Once you reach out to us, we take you through all the steps that go into the application, and documentation, and how we have got it all covered for you.
• You can then mail us all of the required information or send it over on any form of communication like text messaging, or WhatsApp.
• For any queries throughout this process, you can reach out to us on 99873 39774 / 98199 58804.

2. Application Prep and Verification.

After we get all of the required information, out team gets to work on preparing your stamp duty refund application. Once we are through with it, we then reach out to you, send you a digital copy of the application for verification of terms. After receiving an approval from your end, we move on to the next step.

3. Application

Once we have your approval, we send in your stamp duty refund application. And in no time, we help you get your Stamp Duty Refund in Thane.

And that is how we get you your stamp duty refund in the most time-efficient manner that we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there anything such as excess stamp duty? Can I get an excess stamp duty refund in Thane?

Ans. Yes, sometimes an excess charge might be laid on as stamp duty when the terms of agreement are either not very concrete or the terms of filing stamp duty were not levied properly. However, when you are working in connect with a good agency or consultancy, it can be pretty easy to file an excess stamp duty refund in Thane.

2. Is stamp duty standardised nationally or on a state jurisdiction level?

Ans. While a lot of different factors go into play when deciding what a stamp duty would cost you, there are rules set in for it differently by the government of each state. Therefore, stamp duty does not stand on a nationally standardised model, but depends of the state’s jurisdiction.

3. How long after the date of registration can I apply for a stamp duty refund in Thane?

Ans.The government of Maharashtra allows a stamp duty refund for up to 6 months after the date of registration.

4. What is the percentage deduction for a stamp duty refund in Thane?

Ans. The government of Maharashtra deducts 1% of the total stamp duty, at the time of refund. This ranges between 200-1000 INR.